Gild for the Holiday

These gilded mirror's will add a bit of shimmering cheer to your walls just in time for the holidays! (They also make lovely gifts.)

You'll need:

 LOTS Mirrors from IKEA 

 O'verlay's Quatrefoil or Diamond 12" square in 1/4" thickness
On Sale for $15.50 per square 

Gilding Material (we used Martha Stewarts Gilding Kit)

Silicon adhesive or Glue Dots Permanent

Follow the instructions on how to Gild (which are given in Martha Stewart's Gilding products)

Let dry then spray with Clear Matte spraypaint for a protective finish.

Once dry apply to the mirror using the adhesive of choice.  We used the Glue Dots (be sure they are the permanent brand that adheres to glass and mirror) they dry in no time!

Happy Holidays!

The O'verlays Team


Reflect on Christmas Present(s)

"Tis the season to be jolly" 

...and spend all your money on stuff people don't really want!   Bah humbug........

Only kidding.....We love getting into the Holiday giving spirit.  It's most fun when the gift is something that's handmade, looks fantastic and doesn't break the bank.  Everyone gets joy from that kind of present!  Oh and did I mention easy and fast to make?

Well we've got a beauty for you.  It's a Hi-Lo project. An expensive looking mirror for less using O'verlays!  

High end mirrors like this sell for over $200 for each mirror:

These mirrors cost over $200.00 each!! 

 ...... two mirrors is how much?


Why pay hundreds when you can make your own?
 This O'verlays DIY mirror will cost about $20 per mirror! That's right, drop one of those zeros.

This is what you'll need:

One package of LOTS Mirrors from IKEA (it comes as a 4 pack) = $9.99

12" x 12" O'verlay square in 1/4" thickness Quatrefoil or Diamond Pattern = $15.00 per square (sale price)

  Any color latex paint or spray paint that you like (spray paint is easiest and comes in a Lacquer finish like the $200 mirror) No oil based paint please

Silicon adhesive or the thick heavy duty Permanent Glue Dots

Prepare your O'verlay by sanding rough edges and wipe it clean with rubbing alcohol.

If spray painting, place it in a spot outside where the wind won't blow dirt, leaves, etc., into the wet paint. Spray well making sure to cover the edges as well as the top then bring indoors to dry. If using regular interior latex paint, paint the edges with a brush and "roll" the paint onto the top (you will need 2 coats with regular paint and a quick spray of a matte or high gloss clear finish after it has dried for 24 hrs.) Be sure to paint both sides of the panel if you are using a color.  You will see the reflection of the backside of the O'verlays panel in the mirror.

Let paint dry overnight

Apply the O'verlays to the mirror using the glue of your choice. (The Glue Dots are super easy - be sure to get the dots that hold fast to mirror!)

If using silicone, let glue dry according to the instructions on the tube. Then add the double sided tape that comes with the LOTS Mirror Pack for hanging.  Keep one side of the tape unpeeled if giving as a gift.

Done!!!  It's that easy.

Learn how to gild the same O'verlays in gold or silver as a mirror frame in our next Post. Another super-easy and beautiful look.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The O'verlays® Team

How To: Glow in the dark furniture!

Remember the glow in the dark stars you stuck to your ceiling as a kid?  Well this do-it-yourself project will do one better.

 The end result? A funky piece that is easy to make (and seriously cool looking.)

The table itself is the Nordli nightstand from Ikea. The O'verlay  is the "Champagne" designFor more possibilities,check out our full collection of O'verlay panels and shop by pattern!

Here's how we brought this glowing creation to life......

First, the nightstand was primed with “Gripper Paint” and the front center panel of the piece was put aside to be painted separately. This primer is available at most paint stores. As always, we were sure to read the instructions on the label before we began.

Keeping things playful, we chose a cheery, navy blue paint with a high gloss finish. Satin finish would look great too! (The O’verlay  panel got its own coat of paint in the same navy blue as the nightstand.)


When painting the nightstand, be sure not to paint the front facing side of the center panel! This will be the glow-in-the-dark accent. 

The edges of the panel may be painted to match the rest of the nightstand.
To avoid making a mess, it is helpful to tape the front side.

Now for the fun part!

To make our nightstand glow we applied a glow in the dark spray paint by Rust-o-Leum on the center door panel. After, we used an adhesive, (LiquidNails) to glue on the O’verlay panel.

The finished product will glow a funky neon in the dark and the effect is so awesome!

From Day........

To Night!!...........


Dwell with Dignity

“Hope begins at home.”

Dwell with Dignity is a non profit group of interior designers and volunteers based out of Dallas Texas. They are helping families in need overcome poverty and homelessness through design. Partnered with social service agencies, they help these families achieve independence by providing and installing home interiors. Using donated materials they transform empty apartments into wonderful homes.

Check out these before and after photos. Dwell with Dignity creates the perfect setting for new beginnings.

Our creations can inspire bright futures!

We are excited to announce that O’verlays will be hosting a workshop in Dallas on November 19th. All proceeds will be donated to the Dwell with Dignity cause. The workshop will demonstrate the infinite design possibilities that can be achieved with O’verlays product.

The possibilities are indeed infinite.  Dwell with Dignity has already incorporated O'verlays beautifully in several home designs.

Changing a person’s home environment can change their life. We are so proud to be working with such an incredible organization!

To learn more visit


Redbooks "Home Inspiration"

"Home Inspiration"

That's what redbook magazine feels O'verlays are! 
Read in the July 2013 issue....
We love it when we make the creative world happy!!
Thanks for the great article redbook!
The O'verlaystm Team


Mirror Mirror on the drawer................

Did you know the name Linete means "idol"?
Well today Linete Diaz is our idol......Look what Linete whipped up! 
  I don't know about you,  but I can't get enough of  mirrored furniture 
It's so bright and fresh
Linete shared with us that she used a Heavy Duty Mounting Tape instead of Liquid Nails to attach the O'verlays  panels to her 4 drawer MALM.  She said, "It was quicker and I can change the O'verlay much easier."
"By the way," Linete says," I have a couple of more transformations to come!"
 We're certainly looking forward to seeing what you transform next.... 
Nice work Linete!
with love,
O'verlays tm



Greek Key Corners
What we do with them?
Besides LACK tables of all colors..........

Spray painted Kelly green.

...painted navy blue.
Bought in Black and painted the corners black
......we then added a touch of silver spray-
paint and brushed it with a dry paint brush.
We 've found that the adhesive to use for the corners is an epoxy.  Loctite has a quickset epoxy that not only sets quick but holds strong too (found in the glue section at most hardware stores).

OK, so we've covered the LACK Table. 
 What else you ask????

Instantly change the look of the EXPIDIT or any bookshelf.......

Sheet glass mirror......the MINDE mirror is shown here. 

What a great look for little money!

Take a close look at the gold corners on the mirror.  That texture you see was a mistake!

  I 'm lovin it!

It happened because I used an already painted corner (3 coats of green paint) and over dowsed it with gold spray paint to be sure to cover the green.  As it was drying in the sun, it started to bubbled up.   It was looked like something was crawling around under the paint!!
Some useful hints: Be sure to apply paint to both sides of the O'verlays for mirrors. You will see the reflection of the back side in the mirror.  We used Liquid Nails Silicon Adhesive to attach.

If anyone has used the Greek Key Corner in other creative ways, please share! 

Even better,  please send pictures to

O'verlays is having a SPECIAL on Greek Key Corners!  Get them while they last!
Until next time......keep O'verlaying!!(Hee Hee)

The O'verlays tm Crew


Creativity at its Finest

Thanks everyone for sending your fabulous Photographs!
 It's fantastic to see the creativity out there!
Here is a sampling of the many awesome completed projects..............

Senior Designer  Dafna Aviv from Classica Design in Houston,
 Texas designed this beautiful room and used Greek Key 19"
squares as Art work .......nice! 

Amanda Smith did a marvelous job re-creating a Sacha Mirror.
Loving the Tarva dresser in Coral with Gold O'verlays tm that Carissa Griffin and her Husband created for their baby's room. One lucky baby!!
The photos will be going into the Gallery in our Website so you can see all the projects and get more ideas for using O'verlays tm.
Please keep the photos coming we are thrilled to see them.
Thanks again,
Danika & Cheryle




MirrorMate-Part 2

We have a little update for you on the MirrorMate mirror we did for Cheryle's bathroom.
When we last left off on this project we had just added the fabulous Mirror Mate frames to Cheryle's plain bathroom mirror...

In case you missed it here was the "after" transformation..
Here was the before:

We just loved how they transformed the space. They really made the vanity feel more substantial and totally dressed it up.  And best of all they were so easy to install.

Well we just can't leave well enough alone, 
and we had hinted about possibly putting a cherry on top with some O'verlays.  
So of course we did!
Cheryle chose the Lolita strips, and we resized them a hair larger so that they would meet perfectly in the corners (anything is possible if you go through our Custom Department).  
They were sprayed silver to match the Mirror Mates Frame, and then we set to work adding glue to the backsides:

 It took two people to position the longer strips in place 
and make sure we didn't smudge too much glue:

 Since gravity is not our friend, we added blue painter's tape to prevent them from sliding and hold them in place while they dried:
 Any glue that seeped through the edges was quickly wiped away with a Q-tip:

 And then we left them to dry:
And there you have it, a MirrorMate/ O'verlays union!
What do you think?

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