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Ikea Mavens

Kelley Brown design




Cindy Gordon's 6 drawer Malm with 1/4" thick Anne panels

Alex Mole's creation with the Cheryle Panel

BUBBLES with mirror on the Malm

Dafina Aviv Greek Key Squares as wall art.

Carrisa Griffin and her Husband dress up the Tarva for the Nursery with Anne painted gold.

Elizabeth Kapfner refurbishes and oldie but goodie with Quatrefoils

Mirrored 4 drawer Malm with Caci panels by Linete Diaz

A little bit of each - Danika, Caci and GiGi by Kathryn O'Connor

Custom GiGi

Expidit with Greek Key squares painted Gold

Yard Sale find transformed with mirror and Custom GiGi panels

Malm 6 Drawer Dresser painted with Fiona O'verlays panels

Black Malm 6 Drawer with Greek Key painted Silver

Expidit with insert mirror doors embellished with Greek Key Squares

3 Drawer Malm with Pippa Kit

Bathroom Vanity with Custom Grace

6 Drawer Malm with Gracie

Night table with Custom Gracie

6" x 10" Anne on the RAST

Hemnes 3 drawer Television Stand with Anne

Lack Cube with wheels with Greek Key Strips

Koppang 3 drawer Fiona and Annes

Lack Side Table with Greek Key strips

Black Malm 3 drawer with Anne panels

Malm 4 drawer with Danika Panels

 Danika panels on vintage dresser via Bri of Me you and a wiener...

"Harper" under glass 
by Lindsay Whittenberg

2" Greek Key used under crown molding by Gail Clevenger...

"Harper" panels transform a sideboard 
on The Nate Berkus Show

Anne on six drawer dresser  

 Custom "Caci" panel

(4) 7x30" Caci Panels on IKEA Hemnes Wardrobe via Limbic Fire

Custom "Fiona" used on cornice

13.75" Quatrefoil in IKEA Expedit cubbies

O'livia on IKEA Trondheim dresser via The Design Pages

7x30" Greek Key on Malm

7x22" Greek Key on Rast dresser

7x14" Pagoda and Cheryle on Malm 2 drawer dresser

Custom O'verlay for window panel

Greek Key on Malm via Amanda Carol at Home

GiGi on IKEA Kopang

Fiona Frameless on IKEA Tarva

Natalie on Headboard

2" x 8' Greek Key strip for IKEA Lack Table

6"x29" Annes on 6 drawer MALM dresser painted navy.

Danika on a mirror

Custom Grace updates bathroom cabinets

Anne and Framed Fiona on IKEA Kopang

We have more thicknesses available through our custom department!

Harper 2" Strips on vintage dresser by Lindy Crain

7x22"Caci on Rast Dresser

2" Harper Strips used around vintage dresser drawers

7"x 29.33" Fiona on MALM

13.75" Gigi squares used under glass on painted Crate and Barrel console table

Greek Key Double

O'livia on IKEA Malm Dresser

Xandra 13.75" squares
on Efecktiv wall unit
Xandra on IKEA Malm Dresser

7x22" Gigi on IKEA Rast Dresser

13.75" Gigi squares used as a partition

 Custom Gigi as wainscoting under chair rail

Pippa Kit on the wall framing pictures



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