Dwell with Dignity

“Hope begins at home.”

Dwell with Dignity is a non profit group of interior designers and volunteers based out of Dallas Texas. They are helping families in need overcome poverty and homelessness through design. Partnered with social service agencies, they help these families achieve independence by providing and installing home interiors. Using donated materials they transform empty apartments into wonderful homes.

Check out these before and after photos. Dwell with Dignity creates the perfect setting for new beginnings.

Our creations can inspire bright futures!

We are excited to announce that O’verlays will be hosting a workshop in Dallas on November 19th. All proceeds will be donated to the Dwell with Dignity cause. The workshop will demonstrate the infinite design possibilities that can be achieved with O’verlays product.

The possibilities are indeed infinite.  Dwell with Dignity has already incorporated O'verlays beautifully in several home designs.

Changing a person’s home environment can change their life. We are so proud to be working with such an incredible organization!

To learn more visit www.dwellwithdignity.org

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