Rules Change for Besta Console

 Bad news is IKEA® has changed the rules and the "Besta Combination Console" is no longer sold as a kit.
Good news is you can still purchase the parts to create it.  So we put together this guide to make it easy for you to create a beautiful console that is not only functional but also quite elegant!

Our project consists of the following Ikea® pieces 

1. You will need the IKEA Besta console frame.

Console size: 47-1/4 x 15-3/4 x 25-1/4 "

Would you like to add legs?  
This gives the Besta a graceful lift off the floor which adds shape and sophistication.

2. Four  IKEA Stubbarp legs one for each of the 4 corners of the console frame

Easy installation, just screw them on! 

Next you need doors.

3. We used 2 IKEA Lappviken doors.

Door size: 23-5/8 x 25-1/4 "
Now for the special touch.

4.  Two O'verlays panels of your choice! That fit it the Besta door size 23-5/8" x 25-1/4"
Featured below is O'verlays Harper Thick panels which are easy to paint and install. They ship white and can be a subtle accent to your new piece white on white, or with an accent color which can bring a new element to your space.

Panel size: 23.3125 x 25"
For a unique touch that says it's your design, add door knobs or pulls.  

We purchased the Baldwin Door Knockers used in the above image from Handlesets.com. Other good resources for pulls are  Myknobs.com and Build.com

O'verlays offers a variety of patterns for the Besta doors. You can shop here now.
You can also click on the photos for direct links for easy shopping!

Please remember to send us pictures of your finished O'verlays projects.  We love seeing and sharing your fabulous creations!



What is the deal with the reveal?

Kind of sounds like a Seinfeld episode, I know, 
but many of you have asked what this "reveal" we speak of actually is. 
The reveal is the space between the outer edge of the O'verlay and the edge of the drawer front.

Above you have the Malm 6 drawer with Anne 6" x 29" panels. 
 See the green arrows?  
That's the "reveal".  
This reveal is one inch.

Here you have the Anne 7" x 30" with a half inch reveal.

Reveals can vary in size.  
They can be the same all around or differ.  

Here the reveal is one inch on the top and bottom and 1.5" on the sides.

The Gracie 7" x 29" for the Malm 3 or 6 drawer dresser has a reveal of one inch on the sides and 1/2" on the top and bottom.

Or you can have no reveal at all like the Jasmine panels on the MALM 3 drawer.

So there you have it,
the deal with the reveal!

The O'verlays Team



A Look For Less - Repeat

A step by step project to create a stylish look without the expensive price.

Click below and visit Danika & Cheryle's first O'verlays blog for instructions.

CLick here to find the Grace Minis Square 19.88" and the Harper 20" square

Here is the finished project done beautifully 
by Amanda Smith.


Sweet Dreams Baby.....

 A couple of months ago we started taking an interest in cribs. 

Vanessa Antonelli, Nursery Designer for the Stars and owner of NessaLee Baby asked if we would be interested in collaborating with Nessalee and some other suppliers in decorating Kevin and Danielle Jonas new baby's Playroom.  Vanessa turned that playroom into a beautiful space!

 Shortly after, Vanessa invited us to collaborate again in her latest "Project Nursery" for Kendra Wilkinson.  Kendra's little girl is one lucky baby.

Another gorgeous space.

Notice Grace O'verlays on the mirrored closet doors!
Nice touch!

Back to reality!  How can we all have this without going broke?
 Yes, O'verlays.

is a sweet sturdy crib that will grow with your baby into his toddler years.  
It transforms into a toddler bed by removing one of the railings. 
Very smart design. 
The other reason we like it  is the space on the headboard and footboard that will frame an O'verlay.

Grace Thick Overlay Kit for the Sundvik
 is made frameless so the frame on the crib finishes the panel.

Harper Thick Overlay Kit for the Sundvik

We decided to paint the ends then applying the O'verlay and we're very happy with the result. 

There you have it, a crib fit for a little prince or princess.

We would love to hear which designs you'd like to see on the Sundvick or other IKEA cribs! 
Please send us your suggestions!

Another easy way to Elevate your Designs.

Sweet Dreams Baby!

The Overlays Team



Jasmine is available in panel size 8" x 31.25"

which fits the 3, 4 and 6 drawer MALM Dressers. 

Jasmine painted silver with mirror

on the 3 drawer MALM

Jasmine in gold on the white 3-drawer MALM 

No need to cover every drawer with the Overlays.  Cover the top drawers only as Morvi did with her  Ikea Hemnes 8 drawer dresser.

Jasmine is also available for the Tarva, Hemnes 3, 6 and 8 drawer dresser.

Don't forget Jasmine can be resized to any size you need

Contact Overlays Customs.

Send us pictures of your Jasmine Overlay before and after project!  We'd love to see it.
The Overlays Team


Chevron Makeover

Classic and fun. Clean and colorful.

We were so taken with this fabric from Calico Corners that we decided to recreate the look on a dresser using O'verlays.

The makeover was done using the Malm dresser from Ikea and the Zia O'verlay.

To create a neutral background for the Chevron accents we chose an off white paint by Behr called "Swan Wing".The dresser and drawers were  primed with "Gripper Paint". After priming, we painted on the base color, following the instructions on both the paint and primer labels.

As the dresser paint dried, we got to work on the O'verlays. Drawing from the palette in our inspiration photo, we chose an assortment of colors. We used Behr Ultra  paint from Home Depot in matte shades of "Mother Nature" (Green), "Hallowed Hush" (Blue), and "Flint Smoke (Grey). Each strip of Zia was painted and arranged in a pattern of alternating colors. Always check the paint label for instructions and drying times.

Using an adhesive, (Liquid Nails) the strips were glued on to the drawers. To make sure things were spaced evenly, we glued the top and bottom strip first on each drawer. We also made sure that no strips hung over the edge of the drawer.

Once everything was glued and in place it was time to take a step back and admire our work. The colorful O'verlays really pop against the off white base.

The new and improved dresser makes quite a statement and the whole process was so simple and fun!

Gild for the Holiday

These gilded mirror's will add a bit of shimmering cheer to your walls just in time for the holidays! (They also make lovely gifts.)

You'll need:

 LOTS Mirrors from IKEA 

 O'verlay's Quatrefoil or Diamond 12" square in 1/4" thickness
On Sale for $15.50 per square 

Gilding Material (we used Martha Stewarts Gilding Kit)

Silicon adhesive or Glue Dots Permanent

Follow the instructions on how to Gild (which are given in Martha Stewart's Gilding products)

Let dry then spray with Clear Matte spraypaint for a protective finish.

Once dry apply to the mirror using the adhesive of choice.  We used the Glue Dots (be sure they are the permanent brand that adheres to glass and mirror) they dry in no time!

Happy Holidays!

The O'verlays Team

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