Easy Ikea Hack Sideboard

Follow these Simple steps and create your own  stunning sideboard.

Here's what you'll need:

One Kallax shelf from Ikea
Two insert doors-white or faux wood (we used white and covered them with Panyl in poplar wood grain)
Two insert drawers(we used white and covered them with Panyl in poplar wood grain)
Four furniture legs and hardware to attach them (we used PrettyPegs)
Four drawer pulls
Two extra large Ring Pulls (we used Door Knockers)
Two Ruby Single 13"square O'verlay panels

Assemble Kallax shelf
Attach the furniture leg hardware on the bottom of the shelf as marked above.

Be sure to choose legs that will be able to  support the weight of this piece.  If you are using it as a buffet remember the legs will need to bear even more weight when using it for entertaining.  If you feel more comfortable add another set of legs in the center or one extra leg in the center towards the back.

Next add Panyl to doors and drawer front if using. Drill hole in the center of the doors for the ring pulls or door knockers (if using) .  If using ring pulls be sure to lay them out on the door before drilling to be sure they are situated so the ring is centered not the base that the ring hangs from. 

Give O'verlays a coat of paint. We liked to white so used a white spraypaint to make the panels have a nice finish.  Glue the O'verlay onto the door face.

Complete assembly of doors and drawers and insert them into the Kallax Unit.

You are done!
How easy was that???

Decorate and enjoy.
Any questions?  Feel free to contact us at contact@myoverlays.com

The O'verlays Team


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